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Offers online shopping service that will let you buy from your computer, tablet or phone each and every one of the items available.

In addition, you can enjoy promotions, gifts and special offers designed exclusively for Puppy

Then we invite you to review the general conditions governing the purchase of products in PIPA ONLY through this website.

In this sense, the use of this Website constitutes your agreement to these terms. However, if you have any doubts about them please contact our Customer Service.

The following conditions regulate the sale of products presented on this website by PIPA ONLY

Ownership of the content of the website.

All illustrations, designs, icons, graphics, photographs, images and any other elements that are part of the site are the exclusive property of PIPA ONLY.

The elements of this web are designed with the purpose of offering the sale of the products identified with the logo of PIPA ONLY. Copying or use of such elements does not involve the transfer of any rights over them. In this sense, reproduction, publication, transmission, modification or distribution by any means of configuring elements (including software) of this website it is expressly prohibited.

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Contact For any questions, queries or suggestions, you can send your comments by e-mail to: info@pipaonly.com

Supply coverage The products offered are distributed worldwide and can shop from the country of origin of each client.

In some cases, they should contact Customer Service prior to the calculation of shipping and / or customs.

Purchase Guarantee

The articles offered on this website are a selection of products PIPA ONLY and meet a high quality and warranty requirements.

Each product is accompanied by the following information:

Article's name Image / Article Description of the article Sizes and colors available

Composition Washing instructions Price in Euros, US Dollar and British Pound.

PIPA ONLY has made an effort to show the colors of the clothes and other items from the closest to reality as possible. However, the color of the clothes on the screen may be subject to variations depending on the quality of your computer monitor.

In this sense PIPA ONLY can not guarantee that the colors displayed on your monitor are exactly the reality.

Special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the date indicated or until stocks are exhausted.

PIPA ONLY always confirm your order by e-mail to the email address you provided when registering as a user / to our online store.

Stock and Availability of items PIPA ONLY has in stock all items offered in our online store, except that occasionally appear as exhausted.

If any of the items in your order confirmed was not in stock and / or available at the time of submitting the order, we will inform you as soon as possible to proceed as appropriate.

PIPA ONLY keeps your online store to you.

Be aware of all the news before anyone canine market. Purchase procedure The items you wish to purchase must be selected and added to the shopping bag by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The shopping bag will contain the reference of the selected item, its name, size, color chosen, and the price in the corresponding currency (not including taxes).

WARNING: The price does not contain expressed as transport fares vary depending on the city or country of destination.

The order form will request personal data that will be incorporated into our database in order to process the order and facilitate the implementation of new shopping PIPA ONLY.

In the same way, you can access your personal data and information of all your orders. Remember that personal data should be indicated with accuracy to avoid confusion or incidents in the shipping / the article / s purchased. In addition, if so requested, you will receive by mail and / or sms information and publications on PIPA ONLY.

Once completed the purchase order and before shipping the order, a summary identifying the item purchased, total price (transport and taxes) and shipping information. The order must be confirmed by clicking the "Accept Purchase" button. Purchases will be paid by credit card or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and AMEX) through PayPal (payments in EUR) or by bank transfer. other forms of payment will not be accepted. For payments by credit card or debit card, the charge will be online, ie in real time, through the payment gateway of the financial institution, once it has been established that the data are correct.

Confirmed the transaction, it will be communicated through the website itself the order number so you can at all times and from your computer to track it. Also, an email message with a description of the order and the personal data that have been reported to be forwarded. Failure to receive this message may be due to a temporary communications problem on the network or to a clerical error in the email address communicated. In both cases it is advisable that you contact Customer Care.

If, at the time of issuance of the order, our warehouse detects no stocks of any of the products included in it, we try to locate the garment.

If that is not possible, the customer will be notified immediately. In addition, the amount of the item overcharged be paid in a few days.

Currency and taxes Prices on this website are shown in Euros and include taxes.

According to current legislation, PIPA ONLY, is obliged to charge VAT to all those orders with delivery addresses in member countries of the European Union.

The applicable VAT is the legally corresponding type and depends on the destination country of your order.

For orders shipped outside the EU, the Community VAT will not be applied as they are exempt from it, but taxes and / or fees for the chosen country shall apply.

Once completed the purchase order, and before the payment order, a final summary identifying the / the article / s purchased / s and its total price (taxes and transportation not included).

www.pipaonly.com gives its users the option to choose the destination country when you start your order so you can see the prices without including taxes.

If subsequently the delivery address is changed and the country of destina

Method of payment and security

PIPA ONLY only accept payments via credit card or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or AMEX), via PayPal or by transfer (for customers in Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and France only).

We only accept American Express cards to make payments in euros. We accept payments by PayPal system in all countries of the Euro zone, UK and other countries.

Transfer payments will be possible for all our customers in any country.

The account number from which payment is made must be a checking account at a bank in the country of billing order.

All costs of payment transfer will be borne by the customer. For payments by bank transfer, customers will be provided the account number which should make the deposit.

Reference the client shall indicate your order number and your full name.

The customer shall within 3 working days from the date you placed your order for payment.

The order is not deemed accepted until it is found that effectively received the income. If the deadline indicated past PIPA ONLY has not received a corresponding amount, the order will be canceled.

For payments by credit card or debit card, the charge will be online, ie in real time, through the payment gateway of the financial institution, once it has been established that the data are correct. In order to give maximum security to the payment system, PIPA ONLY uses insurance systems leading financial institutions in electronic commerce payment.

In this sense, confidential payment details are transmitted directly and encrypted (SSL) to the financial institution.

For payment by Visa and MasterCard cards, PIPA ONLY transactions only accepts CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) with the international 3D Secure protocol that is distinguished by the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. The Secure Electronic Commerce is an initiative whose basic principle is to guarantee security in Internet transactions.

When making payment via the secure payment gateway, the system automatically checks that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce.

Then you connect to the issuing bank itself, which asked to authorize the transaction by a personal authentication code.

The operation is performed only if the bank that issued the credit card confirms the authentication code.

Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected. As a complementary measure to the system of "insurance payment" and in order to assist in preventing fraud over the Internet, www.pipaonly.com reserves the right to verify the personal data supplied by the customer and take the measures it deems appropriate (including cancellation of the order) so that the purchased goods are delivered in accordance with the information contained in the order.


Transporting items purchased PIPA ONLY be done through a national courier company and will be delivered within approximately 2 to 5 working days within Spain and Portugal.

At this time, the time of delivery of items purchased before 16:00 Monday to Thursday is only 24 hours in Spain and Portugal.

To avoid delivery incidents (wrong addresses, inability to find someone at home etc.), it is essential to properly complete the corresponding form is advisable to fill the box relating to telephone contact.

Tracking orders can be made through the website where it will be indicated, at all times, that place is the goods to their final acceptance by the customer.

The price of transport is calculated depending on the city or country of destination, the garments purchased and the packaging used for shipping.

The exact price of transport is calculated by including each item in the shopping bag and will appear on the page that summarizes the purchase before confirmation of the order by "Accept Purchase" and before the introduction of data credit card or debit card.

For orders shipped outside the European Union, the DDP shipments will be made, ie, the total order will include all local taxes, so you will not need the client to make any additional receipt of order payment.

Shipping costs can be modified at any time without notice.

This change will apply from the time the modification is included in the help pages and the contract published on this website.

In any case, shall be valid those shipping costs that appear at the time of ordering.

In shipments to other countries, delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen own and Customs time outs.


PIPA ONLY allows gift / s to your friend / as from your own computer.

The purchasing system is identical to that used for a personal purchase.

The only requirement is to be assigned to the shipment, the address of the addressee.

www.pipaonly.com also allows you to write a personalized congratulatory message to the recipient that will appear in the document accompanying the goods.

Finally, www.pipaonly.com confirms that the documentation does not consist item price given for those shipments for within the EU. For all other shipments, due to customs requirements, the price of the item is shown in the accompanying documentation.

The beneficiary also enjoy all options exchange and / or return available to our customers.

Gift Cheque Gift Cheques PIPA ONLY are the most convenient solution to give fashion to whoever you want at any time.

The gift vouchers can be purchased only in www.pipaonly.com and may only be used to purchase items for sale in our online store dog.

When buying a gift voucher, you can not add any other items to order and you can only buy a gift for order check. name and e-mail: In order to process the purchase of the gift certificate, the following information concerning the addressee thereof is requested.

This data will be used only for the proper management of the gift check.

You can only use a gift as payment order and not be cumulated with other promotional discounts check.

If the order amount is less than the value of the gift certificate, the remaining balance will be available to the user for use in other orders.

If the total order amount exceeds the amount of the gift certificate used, the remaining balance must be paid by the customer using the payment methods available in www.pipaonly.com.

Policy changes and / or refunds for orders paid by check gift will be the same as for all other orders made in www.pipaonly.

The amount owed will be paid the balance of the gift check. Balance recharge gift check will take approximately 15 days from the date the return is made.

By the time it becomes effective recharging, the user will be informed via email of new available balance. If you had paid part of the order by credit card, the amount of the refund to the credit card used and the remaining amount to be repaid, from the balance of the gift certificate fee will be paid first.

At all times, you can check the balance of the check through the Gift Cheque gift option. All gift vouchers will be valid for one year.

Two weeks before the gift certificate expires, you will be informed via e-mail to the recipient of the remaining time and the available balance on your gift certificate, if any.

Changes and / or refunds

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, available within 7 working days from the date of delivery of the order, to return it. (According to art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January Retail Trade amended by Law 47/2002 of 19 December.).

If you want to make an exchange or refund, verify that you meet all the requirements below:

The product must be in perfect condition, unused, with their labels and in their original packaging, suitable for subsequent sale.

If the product is not in pristine condition because it has been used, washed or is returned to us with traces of dirt or pet hair:

NOT accept the exchange or return.

All our customers have our full guarantee of receiving your purchase in perfect condition, as received who need to make a change and / or return.

Before returning the order, send us an e-mail to info@pipaonly.com indicating the reason for return, your personal data, phone and invoice number. Upon receipt of said e-mail will explain how to make shipping the item.

The return postage will be paid entirely by the customer. PIPA ONLY pay the return shipping costs only in the case of a manufacturing fault or our serve when ordering error. We reserve the right to refuse packages whose shipping not come already paid.

PIPA ONLY accept returns of items not in sealed packaging, toys and / or beauty and hygiene items (panties, shampoo, washcloths, nail clippers, etc.)
Only the order amount will be refunded if it is a mistake on our part.

The customer will receive a Gift Certificate for the amount of the refund less shipping order for your next purchases in PIPA ONLY.

Cancellation of an order

PIPA ONLY considered a firm order, once our computer system has issued an email confirming the acceptance.

When the order is by bank transfer or via PayPal (Credit Card / Debit) you may only be canceled prior to payment.

Order Cash payment may only be canceled 24 hours after being made and before shipment.

Only the order amount will be refunded if it is a mistake on our part.

The customer will receive a Gift Certificate for the amount of the refund less shipping order for your next purchases in PIPA ONLY.

Registry PIPA to buy ONLY to register.

The data provided will be stored in the database www.pipaonly.com to process the order and to perform with greater ease and speed their upcoming purchases. By registering, every user can request that the system will recognize automatically.

This will allow the user to streamline the purchasing process and get more direct access to your data, since no prior identification will be required to access them.

Automatic recognition is performed by means of cookies. If the user has requested that the system automatically recognizes, www.pipaonly.com only prompt the user to identify if connected to www.pipaonly.com from a different computer than usual or if you have deleted your temporary Internet files (memory cache and / or cookies).

In addition, users who request it will receive by email and / or mailing information and publications PIPA ONLY Wholesaler-only registration for professionals Pets.

1-To be able to buy wholesale you should perform any professional activity related to the sale of canine or canine fashion accessories.

2-To access the professional area, you must register and send the documentation proving their status as professional guild, either 036 or 037 models or IAE.

3-Pipa Only reserves the right to terminate the wholesale discount if for any reason we believe that the customer does not meet or no longer meets the required profile. Realising this case and in the event that the customer has made the p

Data security and confidentiality

All information provided by clients of www.pipaonlya.com will be used only to process purchase orders, to facilitate navigation and purchase of our products, as well as to inform via mail, e-mail and / or sms new products, special offers and news related to this website.

PIPA ONLY ensures that data provided by customers will not be shared with third parties or companies outside PIPA ONLY.

The data will be collected on the server using SSL protocol www.pipaonly.com and transmission be encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of the same.

The server automatically recognizes: the IP address, date and time of entry and exit of the website as well as downloaded files. Personal data received will be treated in accordance with Law 15/99 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data and other regulations in force in Spain.

Users of this site may at any time access, modify and cancel the data included in the registration form, in writing, by e-mail at: info@pipaonly.com

Timetable In www.pipaonly.com can shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all year. PIPA server location ONLY.

Law and Jurisdiction The server of this website is in Spain.

These purchase conditions are subject to Spanish legislation so the sales transactions are deemed to be made at the home of www.pipaonly.com

In case of dispute between the parties of this contract, the competent jurisdiction will be the corresponding in each case. LAW OF COOKIES We request your permission to obtain statistical data on its navigation on this website, pursuant to Royal Decree-Law 13/2012.

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You can also find out more about cookies here: Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0 + / 8.0 + Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 + Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 + Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0 + Google Chrome Law desistimientoSegún the regulatory standards Distance Selling, customers in the European Union have 14 working days (from the date of receipt) to exercise the right of withdrawal on your order PIPA ONLY.

In this case, PIPA ONLY refund the entire order, but must return the entire order. The order must be returned within 14 working days from the date of receipt and following the same procedure as indicated in changes and / or returns section.

Orders should keep the original condition and will be inspected at the time of receipt. If you wish to withdraw, please email us at info@pipaonly.com