How to measure your Dog?

sizes english.png

When choosing size for your dog, the most important of all is the measure BUST, other measures are secondary.

It should measure around chest with a ribbon seamstress and always at the widest part of the chest.

Just behind the FORELEGS, leaving the tape measure comfortably, never fair.

If you rely on the measure contour chest and choose clothes according to size chart of each garment, you can not go wrong and clothes will fit PERFECT.

Given this measure, you can choose the right size you need your dog, but you should consider a few more questions.

1-To give a margin of about two fingers that measure chest so it is not her clothes too tight

2-Consider if the dog is long or short hair, because it is not the same as breast of a short-haired chihuahua than a yorkshire terrier with long hair.

3- Do not want at all costs that the clothes will come to tail. Each dog has a different length and can not be a measure back for each.

4- Do not rush, you better measure again to buy random.

5-If in doubt, consult customer care:

* Every manufacturer has its own size, and these you see below are those of PipaOnly.