About Us

The Company

Although we born in 2016, we have accumulated many years of experience in marketing canine fashion and small dog breeding.

That´s why we know what your needs of protection are and we create for them the best canine fashion garments, those that are created from the love to our dogs

Just we offer you...

  • High Canine Couture
  • Made in Spain
  • Exclusive Design
  • Craft Clothing
  • Shipping to worldwide

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The Team

We are a design and manufacturing passionate team, dynamic, creative and innovative, creating the most exclusive dog fashion in the market.

We manufacture only in Spain, under the highest quality and guarantee standards of the European Union.

And within this team are also our dogs, which are the Canine Top Models you see in the pictures of each garment, they make possible this unique lifestyle we lead.


Why Pipa Only?

PipaOnly is a tribute to our beloved chihuahua dog Pipa, which left us when she was in the prime of her life, but she left us a deep impression on the soul.

After a long illness, she went to heaven when we began this project, but with her struggle and her desire to live, left us an example of love, faith and courage that we need to tell the world.

What better way to tribute than with canine fashion, something that she used to wear with sympathy and elegance, in top of that it served to keep her warm in the coldest days.

Pipa is the dog that you see around down here. And so it is that she managed to turn around our lives...